Im TOO Fab 4 TER!

2013-12-03 16:51:48

  Yes.....I am so fab! I do not even need TER! WooHoo!  But once the lies get all sorted out, TER will welcom...

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TER ID 223474!

2013-11-18 10:52:18

My reviews are back up!     They have me listed in Vegas, but that's ok....Im not going to rock the boat! S...

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Becuz Life's a TRIP!

2013-11-11 08:20:36

Literally, life is a TRIP! It is a spiritual journey, and sometimes a wild and perplexing ride! Sometimes we cruise blis...

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Limp Dick Topics!

2013-11-08 13:18:14

Let me clarify....these are fantasy conversations that take place during your visit with me! And they MAY make your Dick...

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Please call me Officer Hilary

2013-11-07 09:07:33

Stick em up!! Im all about police brutality and I shoot bullets out of my nipples for a fee. People pay top dollar to s...

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Escorting is NOT illegal :)

2013-10-23 13:18:32

So therefore, I can advertise as an escort freely and with no fear of going to jail.....but by the way, I NEVER Went to ...

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2013-05-17 18:46:04

By marriage and family therapist Natalie Mills wrote an article about the documentary American Courtesans! Her mission ...

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The FACTS need to be told!

2013-10-21 12:32:17

Wow! I bet you never would have guessed....I used to go by the avatar Hilary Holiday. is I. The...

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Money and Boobs!

2013-04-18 15:35:22

"Price Discovery" - discovering market price! Tougher to budget for Companionship? Do you find your dollars arent stret...

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2013-10-23 17:55:07

.....he was wonderful enough to reach out to me and clear up the misunderstanding I had. He is a handsome and wonderful ...

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Blog About Blogs!

2013-03-26 16:54:45

(Minnesota Meanies are EXCLUDED from this BLOG!)   I want to invite all of you NICE people who might feel the urg...

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Trials & Tribulations of a Working Girl

2013-03-24 17:27:22

"She works hard for the money/So you better treat her right"--Donna Summer Today I was directed by a friend to look up ...

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It's all about AMBIANCE!

2013-10-12 12:12:00

MANY providers do not understand the importance of this very important necessity! AMBIANCE! The Motel 6 is NOT ambiance!...

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I love OxyMorons!

2013-03-28 15:51:42

I met a SWEET COP recently!  Huh?? Do they really exist??  (He was eating donuts!)   When you see me, y...

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Hilary's Galleries!

2013-03-27 13:51:09

You might notice I favor a certain look, a certain ambiance, a certain glow, a certian allure, in my photos. I love fin...

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