Video Outtakes

2014-10-21 16:37:19

Here are some fun clips from a video session!

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Photoshop and Escort Photos

2014-10-21 16:39:15

Escort photos are probably one of the most important things a upscale escort can have on her website.  Good photos ...

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How Technology Has Changed Escorting Today!

2014-10-22 12:37:19

It used to be that you had to be "connected" to enjoy the services of a high class escort. Not to many years ago, findi...

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On Bordellos & Paid Sex

2014-10-21 21:32:05

"I don’t understand why prostitution is illegal.  Selling is legal.  Fucking is legal.  Why isn&rsq...

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.......and on the subject of screening...

2014-10-22 13:32:58

The subject of screening is one that impacts the escort biz in many ways. We use many different methods of screening ...

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